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Annotated Bibliography #2 Instruction Sheet

The total for this assignment should have 15 resources!!!!

Before beginning your Annotated Bibliography #2 assignment, you will need to revise Annotated Bibliography #1 (which should have 5 resources on it). (For my annotated bibliography #1, because I write wrong on it I use the same of resource from my Classical paper which should not appear on it. You can check for my annotated bibliography and then delated resource that repeat on classical paper and add new resource on it).

The Annotated Bibliography #2 will include ALL of the revised annotations from Annotated Bibliography #1 AND ten new annotations.

These annotations will come from the sources used in the Toulmin (for Toulmin you can use these resource that I wirte on it you can also choose resource that relative with my paper of Toulmin) (5 sources) and Rogerian (5 sources) paper (because I did not write for my rogerian paper, you can according to my Toulmin to find new resource will relative with rogerian paper).

Topic: Locate a minimum of five sources for the Toulmin Paper and five sources for the Rogerian paper. Keep in mind that these sources may or may not be the sources you ultimately use for your papers.  Make sure the sources have been selected from a variety of source types (printed articles not available online, articles from the Web [be cautious about using these as ANYONE can put ANYTHING online and call it fact (do not use Wikipedia or encyclopedias], websites, books, magazines, academic journals [excellent source – check the PEER REVIEWED search criteria for Virtual Library databases to limit the search to Professional and Academic journals]), and so forth.  At least three different source types should be used (i.e. newspaper, journal, magazine, organization, book, and so forth).

One of the best places to start looking for a topic is the Ivy Tech Community College library.

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You can choose any article section you want.

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After deciding on the five sources (for a total of 10 new sources) read and analyze them and take extensive notes.  For long articles or books, use skimming techniques to extract the important sections.  Use the table of contents, chapter headings, and the index or bibliography in the book (or article) to help narrow the focus.  Read carefully the parts that are relevant to the position and that clearly show the problem or a solution to the issue.


Arrange the sources alphabetically, using MLA, and then write a five-to-ten sentence blurb (short description) summarizing each source. Identify the author’s claim in the short summary.  Indicate in a sentence how the source might be used in the up-coming argument paper.  The following are examples using MLA


MLA sample:


Pitts, Leonard.  “Parents’ Influence is Limited.” The Dallas Morning News 2 Feb. 2002: 27A. Print.

In this editorial, Pitts first claims that people are too quick to blame a child’s parents if the child does something wrong.  In fact, he says, parents might even enjoy pointing the finger at other parents who have a child in trouble.  However, Pitts tells us, once he had his own children, he became more humble and realized that no matter how “good” parents are children still do things that are “bad” and against the “rules” that guided how they were raised.  This leads him to an example: a song by Margin Gaye, suggesting that parents should stop trying to mold children “like their own piece of clay.”  Finally, Pitts argues that parents should keep offering wisdom, guidance, and love, but stop thinking that they are the ultimate influence on their children’s lives.


I will use Pitts’ article to support my position that when a child does something bad, the blame is too easily placed on the parents.



Note how the researcher named the author, Pitts, throughout the summary.  Be specific and name the author. If the entry begins with an article title, name the article title in the summary.


Development:  The Annotated Bibliography should contain the following items.

Organize your sources alphabetically and provide complete bibliographical data following MLA style of documentation rules as specified.

1.     Write, in your own words, a summary of your source.  What is the author’s position and how is it supported?  You may include a few short quotes, but for the most part, this should be a summary. Name the author in your summary.

2.     Write an evaluation of the validity and appropriateness of the text to your project. Does the text support/contradict/complicate your attitude toward your subject? Relate it to other texts, raise questions, and so on.

Format:  Format and document the Annotated Bibliography using MLA . Organize the data for each source following MLA.