Animal Science

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I will provide everything you can all the answers in file that i am sending you have to go through some websites to find the answer it and answering the questions in paragraph form it depends to the questions but just short answer in paragraph form . i also you can get some information about it in this website too that i found. I also answer some questions that i related to DRTC you can just find the answers from it but please check the answers through those websites that it said in the file that i am going to send you. i found some answers you can still adding to it and make it in the better form questions and answer 3. Tie stall : cow stands in the tie Free stall : free and roaming 4. roughly shipping about 32 litters a day and that is an average of 146 cows 5. where cows come to you 6. pipeline milking system / computerized automatic takes off 8. mart the milk we have wait and monitor it to make sure the milk doesn’t have antibiotic in it. check the bulk tank four time a day / checking temperature. and also red leg band on pipe —- on leg. we can also get a sample from the milk and check it to make sure it doesn’t have antibiotic in it to not send it to the market. and the rest you can get it from the website that is in this file if you have any questions or concern please let me know and for the number of sources please check the websites in the file that i am sending dont use other sources you will be able to get all the answers from those websites thanks again
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