Animal diversity project – Subphylum Urochordata (Phylum Chordata)

Order Instructions/Description

Animal Diversity Project
I need this project done by Thursday 10th at 12PM PST.  This is very important so review the instructions.  Creativity is worth a lot of points so please be very creative.

Your project is on the Subphylum Urochordata which is in the Phylum Chordata.

You may use up to five, 8.5 x 11 in sheets of paper to create an informational brochure to include the following:

I.                 Content
1.     (1 points) Environment and lifestyle
2.     (1 points) Describe how and what they eat
3.     (1 points) Describe the level of specialization (i.e. cellular, tissue, organ, organ system,)
4.     (1 points) Describe symmetry—asymmetrical, radial or bilateral symmetry
5.     (1 points) Is there a gut?  If so, how does it form (i.e. protostome or deuterostome)
6.     (5 points) Growth
a.      If protostome, describe the life cycle and process of growth.  Does it have continuous growth or does it molt?
b.     If deuterostome, describe the life cycle and process of growth.
7.     (5 points) How do they thermoregulate?
8.     (5 points) How do they obtain and process their food?
9.     (5 points) Describe how they support their body weight (skeletal)
10.  (5 points) Describe how and what stage of development they move
11.  (5 points) Describe circulation.
12.  (5 points) Describe osmoregulation and the excretion of nitrogenous and solid waste.
13.  (5 points) Describe the nervous system and cell to cell communication.
14.  (5 points) Describe reproduction
II.              Other factors
a.      Late presentations 10% for each calendar day
b.     Creativity bonus
c.      (25 points) Completion and accuracy—same as 1-14 above, revised to fit your subphylum/class
d.     (25 points) Creativity

Please be creative.  Use pictures and colors with each sheet of paper