Android forensic against man in the middle attack

As the forensic examiner will use UFED Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) (Ultimate Touch) tool and UFED physical analyzer tool to approve that the victim is innocent as he has androids based on the Samsung Galaxy S3 device and then he will submit a report to the court of law. Because an attacker use Burp suite tool (perform man in the middle attack) , which enables the attacker to capture and monitor the HTTP and SSL/HTTPS traffic of the victim’s device against victim device using wi-fi connection and intercept LinkedIn application and tamper victim posted text. (this will be my research paper)
Paper contents:
– Abstract
– Keywords
– Introduction
– Problem statement
– BACKGROUND AND Literature review (review 6 attached papers)- ++++ it would be a good idea if you can summarize all previous literature that you mentioned in one paragraph and say what is missing from those studies and how your research will contribute to fill the gap!
– Methodology
– experimental setup
– Experimental Procedure
– Results and Discussions (Experimental results (with high quality figures) & Discussion)
– Conclusion and future work
– References (IEEE reference and cite them into the paragraphs)
– – A high quality report 2500 words + 5-7 figures/tables
– free palagrism please (write from own wards) – write your own words not copy from the internet
– free English error – grammar and spelling
– IEEE format for references and cite the references within paragraphs