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Goal of the Written Assignment
The goal of this assignment is to provide you with practice in applying sociological concepts, sociological theory and sociological terms. The more sociological theory and knowledge you can apply, the better your grade will be. You are encouraged to go back to your text and re-read some of the terms and theories so that you may apply and discuss the relevant ones in light of your own experience.
Choose a sports film to watch and evaluate using the sociological imagination. After selecting and watching a major sports related film, you will be expected to write a 3 to 5 page paper describing and analyzing the film for its sociological significance. You should describe and analyze the film using the argot of a sociologist and by applying as much sociological knowledge as you possibly can. Apply as much information from class and the readings as you can to your analysis of the film. For example, you might consider the following as you write your paper (all may not be relevant)
-Can the film (or characters) be analyzed from the major perspectives discussed in class (functionalism, conflict theory and/or symbolic interaction)? If so, explain in as much detail as possible.
-Can the film (or characters) be analyzed using any of the theories or principles of socialization as discussed in class (or included in the readings)? If so, explain in as much detail as possible.
-Can the film (or characters) be analyzed based on concepts related to culture, subculture, ideology and/or media? If so, explain in as much detail as possible.
-Can the film (or characters) be analyzed based on concepts related to theories of deviance? If so, explain in as much detail as possible.
In summary, you are being asked to apply as much as you have learned in this sociology class to the analysis of the selected movie. You should consider this exercise to be akin to a written final where you are asked to incorporate as much subject knowledge as you possibly can. This involves discussion of specific theories (and theorists); sociological concepts; sociological jargon, etc.
You will be expected to fully explain the theories that you cite in your paper. In other words, please do not just mention the theories and terms that you write about. Rather, in addition to mentioning the terms, theories and concepts, you should define them and clearly explain how these terms, ideas or theories apply to the situation. In this way, you will demonstrate that you understand the terminology and concepts.
Finally, feel free to include any relevant experiences you may have had that were similar to those portrayed in the movie. If you choose to do this, explain how they are relevant.
Factors by which papers will be graded
1. Did you follow the directions of the assignment as stated in this document?
2. Is your paper well-written? Does it show proper use of grammar? Is it well-organized and easy to follow? Does it meet the minimum page number requirement?
3. Does the paper demonstrate the ability to accurately apply numerous sociological theories and sociological terms (covered in class) to the situation about which you are writing?
4. Do you accurately define the theories and terms being used within the paper (in addition to simply mentioning that they are applicable)?

Sports movies to choose from (Note: If you choose to write about a movie that is not on this list, you need to clear it with me in advance)