Analytical Essay

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Book: “The Genealogy of Morals” by Friedrich Nietzsche.

Prompt: Explains specific argument Nietzsche is making regarding=> MORALITY & ITS USES, AUTHORITY & CREDIBILITY, POWER & ITS SOURCES, TRUTH & ITS CHANGE-ABLENESS, KNOWLEDGE & ITS SLIPPERY-NESS. Each of the argument must have supporting evidence or quotes from the text.

The essay must present a cogent and insightful argument with mature writing style. It also has to show well-chosen examples, reasoning, and support with compelling analysis as well. Please also develop the argument or analysis with organizational clarity and clear quoting or citations. Lastly, please demonstrate sophisticated exploration of the issue(s) with maturity in sentence variety, grammar, spelling, and usage. The source must rely only from Nietzsche’s book.