"Analysis of Falls Incidents: Nurse and Patient Preventive Behaviors"

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Grading rubric

The critique will be ~500 words and include the elements outlined in the rubric below.

Article critique grading rubric
Criteria Needs improvement


Competent 85-94% Proficient >95% Expert 100% Points
Source Identified if and why source was or was not nursing research /10
Is the study approved by an IRB (ethics)? Described ethical considerations employed by authors in the study /5
Is the problem clear, easy to identify? Good critique of purpose statement (may include a quote of purpose statement) /10
Is the literature appropriately reviewed by the authors? Good critique of literature review. /10
Is there a study framework? What kind of research design did the author(s) use? Is this design appropriate? Good critique of study design. Includes a statement addressing the study framework or theory. /10
Identify the sample. Is the sample appropriate for the study? Good critique of sample /10
How do they collect the data? Is it appropriate for the study? Good critique of data collection /10
What level of measurement do the authors use? Is it appropriate for the statistical methods used? Good critique of statistical methods used /10
Are the results clearly stated? (add quote/paraphrased sentence). Good critique of results. /10
Recommendation for translation into practice. How can this study be utilized? Clinical significant? Good insight for study utilization in practice. Includes a discussion of clinical significance. /15
Communication deductions: Clarity of critique paragraph. A laundry list answering questions above. APA formatting for citations and reference of article. Over/under word limit by 50 words. /-26


Article Critique

Author, I. (date). Title of article, Journal, 1(1), 1-1. Doi12434321

Begin (~ 500 words)