Analysis of body labor in service work

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Miliann Kang in “The Managed Hand: The Commercialization of Bodies and Emotions in Korean Immigrant owned Nail Salon” discusses body labor in relation to three different types of nail salon in New York City.She finds that body labor is performed differently in each of these salons, and her analysis of these salons is pointedly intersectional. In fact, she observes that the nail salons she picked for her study are differently gendered, differently racialized, and differently classed, and this figure into each part of her analysis of the body labor performed in these salons.
For your paper, choose another occupation to discuss, one that similarly requires a high degree of body labor. In the course of your discussion of this occupation, carefully explain what body labor is and why it is important to understand it intersectionally. Follow Kangs example, in distinguishing between different types of body labor performed by workers in this field. Discuss the relevance of race, class, ethnicity, gender (or other identity categories that seem relevant to you) in the performance of the body labor required for this occupation.