Analyse the Case Study

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Your client company for this assignment is The customers are the current or potential customers of Use the theory and models from the textbook and classes to critically analyze the company, the potential customers and make recommendations based on your findings.

Critically analyze the case study using the theory and models presented in weeks 1 to 4.
Prepare and present a business report on your analysis, findings and recommendations.
This is to be presented as a business report but you must still include citations and referencesas required.
The case study word limit is 1300 words + or – 10% NOT including the Title, Contents,diagrams, tables, Appendices or References pages.
Your resources are the case study, the website, your textbook and your analysis. Information on how to present your business report is show in the item on Report Guide.

More info i will add assignment guides and the slides that you will use to put the theory. You should read the readings about salesforce that you will use where all the information comes from.