An Examination of Lean Construction Techniques to Promote Health and Safety Practices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

You need to complete the report and as follows

1- write the results and analysis chapter (4) of 2000 words, please do or manipulate the results from the questionnaire by yourself by faking them and produce charts and tables if possible.

2- Please write a discussion chapter (5) of 4000 words for the finding you would make in chapter .

3- Please complete writing chapter 1 attached, the introduction (please add 950 words and write in red). This chapter should include the research context, aim and objectives, the methodology, restraints/limitations and the structure of the dissertation.

4- Please write a final chapter (6) of 1000 words which includes the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the research.

5- Write 250 words abstract and 50 words acknowledgment.

6- Please add a table of contents and list of tables and figures as well as appendices.

Finally, please upload each chapter after you complete it in order to follow up with the supervisor.