American Sign Language – Deaf culture

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Watch this video: Deaf President Now movement. You can see the video here: Then write an essay following below instruction: 1. A One sentence summary of the message and intent of the video. 2. Your opinion, feelings, or perspective of subject presented (at least 2 paragraphs). You should reflect on the material presented – not a summary. What struck you or stands out in your mind after watching? In this section, you should include similarities or differences between your own culture and background and that of the Deaf Community. 3. Two questions that you now have as a result of viewing the video. (a) The questions could include something you don’t understand, something you want to know more about, or any other relevant question the video brought to mind. (b) Once you have questions, attempt to find an answer to at least one of your questions on your own (Google searches, talk with lab staff or other Deaf people you can find) and report what you find out.
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Deaf Culture
The video was good; and from it, I learnt that American’s deaf cultures mainly comprise of four components. These are: language, behaviors, values and traditions, where vision is relied on strongly to communicate and gather information. The traditions of the deaf community are an expression of their cultural values. It is clear that many of their traditions are based on the face-to-face gathering of deaf people….ORDER NOW….
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