American involvement in Vietnam in the 1950’s

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Vietnam played such a large role in the history of America, particularly in the 1960’s and 1970’s, that it is easy to forget that we were involved in that country the decade previous. •Beginning in the 1950s, maintaining a non-Communist South Vietnam became crucial in American efforts to contain communism. •What was the nation’s justification for its actions in South Vietnam in the 1950s and its determination to abide by the outcome of free elections there only if those elections yielded a non-Communist leader
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American involvement in Vietnam in the 1950’s
Prior to the American invasion of Vietnam, France had much sway in the country following the withdrawal of Japan in the area after WWII. According to Statler (2007) with China embracing communism in 1948, the influence of communism in Vietnam became stronger and a nationalism movement led by Ho Chi Minh erupted leading to war with the French. The French lost much control in Vietnam after the war, with communists now controlling northern Vietnam while French sympathizers took control of the South….ORDER NOW….@..
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