All Things Shinning: Nihilism

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Topics on All Things Shining: One of the major themes of All Things Shining is nihilism. Explain how Dreyfus and Kelly characterize or explain nihilism (material presented in class is also relevant). Also explain why Dreyfus and Kelly think nihilism is a problem for us. Then, in the rest of your essay, answer ONE of the following:
Explain how Homer presents a non-nihilistic worldview
Explain David Foster Wallace’s presentation of nihilism and his solution to it
Explain how Dante presents a non-nihilistic worldview. You should also explain how our authors think he makes a nihilistic blunder at the end.
Explain how Descartes ushers in the modern age and why that leads to nihilism
Explain how Whoosing is the authors’ solution to nihilism