Alien Hand Syndrome

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I need a summary paper on an peer reviewed article about a condition known as “Alien Hand syndrome.” In the paper please include detail on the affects and symptoms of the disorder and how is it treated and is there a cure. Please use the most recent article that you can find. Please only use online sources and cite them in APA format.
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Alien Hand Syndrome
The alien Hand Syndrome is notably known as Dr. Strangelove Syndrome, form the legendary movie entitled “Dr. Strange love” which presented AHS. Alien Hand syndrome is neurological disorder that is characterized by the affected individual’s own hand or hands that ostensibly have taken over its own free will/ mind of its own. Notably from reports, this said phenomenon is a result from brain surgical intrusion, in treatment of worst cases of epilepsy. Some other reports can say that the condition can be acquired after a cerebro-vascular catastrophe or stroke (p, 9). The alien Hand Syndrome can also be known as Anarchic hand as this was at the outset identified back in the year 1909. Symptoms can be seen in affected individuals and the patient would express….ORDER NOW….
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