Alice in Wonderland: Comparison of Character

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After reading “Alice in Wonderland”, think about the various characters. Which character is most like you? You can choose one, two or three characters that resemble you in various ways, and you should discuss this. Be direct and detailed regarding the overlap between you and the character(s0. Describe how making this comparison helps you understand something about yourself. Proofread and write in separate paragraphs. First paragraph will name author and title, and will also include thesis statement.
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Alice in Wonderland: Comparison of Character
The characters in a book are often modeled to represent the characters of people in real life. The traits of such characters are mirror and one can use it to identify a character trait they have or they don’t have. For instance Alice in wonderland written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson presents a lot of characters who are modeled to present ourselves in real life. They include: Alice, The Cheshire Cat, The Queen of Hearts, pigeon, Mad Hatter and March, Caterpillar, Duchess and Dinah. This paper will address the resemblance in Alice Character to a real life situation. Alice, coming from an affluent English family, is portrayed as a rationale girl approaching puberty…..ORDER NOW….
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