Agricultural production system

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

details on Potatoes production system including :

-Name of crop/animal: Common and scientific names

-Type of crop/animal: Fibre/human consumption/animal consumption

-Economic crop component: (e.g. flower, seed, root, stem, leaves, milk, meat)

-Significance: Value/importance of the crop/animal

-Areas grown/produced: Localities where it is grown in Australia (show

a map if appropriate). Why is it grown in these areas?

-Growth periods: Annual/Perennial crop? When is the crop grown

and why? Is this period different in different

areas? Why?

-Economics: Typical returns/profitability of production?

Typical farming area required for profitable


-Pests/diseases of the crop/animal: Include types and appropriate control measures.

-Management constraints and


Common fertilisers, tillage practices,

drainage/irrigation constraints, management

practices (e.g. hail shelters, glasshouse practices)

-Infrastructure requirements: Processing (e.g. mills, crushes), transport