African America HISTORY

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I want to talk about Malcolm X and Nation of islam. How do they affect to the civil rights movement. also you can write something about the develop history of nation of islam, and relationship between Malclom X.

Research paper.

The engine that will drive this course is a 10-12 page research paper on any Aspect of African American history. This just be an argument-based price of original research utilizing both primary and secondary sources. ( There may be discretion of the instructor) All information must be cited properly using  an established citation style. Many students are probably unfamiliar with how to write such a research- oriented assignment. As such, we will continually return to this paper in class and work to provide the requisite skills. A librarian will visit the classroom twice to inform students of the resources available at mercy. We will also dedicate classroom time to examining research practices, how to formulate a thesis, writing style, and proper techniques for citations. Th class will function as an open forum for the exchange of ideas and students will share their ongoing work with each other.