Advocacy Letter

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Hello I need a one complete page( letter about

This needs to show as letter and it has all the info in the attachment, please make sure you do each single thing in the attachment no thing more no thing less just follow the directions three I would show clear explanation with the agreement of the bill I provided in the top, and reasons why, also explain briefly at the beginning what is the bill about, contact info,List names of contacts, their mailing address and phone number,

� Write a letter to the appropriate legislator.
a. address it properly � The Honorable (full name)
b. always include your name and address
c. use your own words � form letters (and email) have less impact
d. timing is critical � more effective when committee is in session and working
e. identify your bill by number and title
f. be brief and constructive � state the fact, the proposed 
solutions, personal positions. When disagreeing, be constructive and offer a
better approach.
g. request a response
h. send a thank you if the legislator takes the action that you supported