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This assessment is based on a written assignment plus project plan :
For this assignment you must plan a public initiative aimed at improving the health and well-being of a defined population group or community.

The public initiative is TACKLING CHILDHOOD OBESITY
The population group of interest is the under 5’s age group as this is the age group I work with
Justify why you have chosen this population group/community. Consider strengths or assets of this group as well as the health needs.
I am a trainee health visitor which is why I have chosen this group. You need to discuss the rise in childhood obesity.
Outline the plan for a health improvement intervention (to tackle childhood obesity) to improve the health and well-being under 5’s:

Use the LEAP planning framework to guide/structure your plan. Mention that there are other frameworks ie, Ewles and Simnet planning framework; Precede-Proceed; PABCAR, etc. but I have chosen to use LEAP due to it’s suitability of partnership planning.
Identify potential stakeholders and discuss their role and responsibilities in the project.
Critically appraise the health improvement strategies to be used. For example, you may wish consider asset based or strength based approaches to improving health and well-being
Appraise the challenges and skills required by health visitors/school nurses to work collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders


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