Administrative Agency

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Discussion Forum

Identify an administrative agency that affects your or your family. It can be either an executive agency or an independent regulatory agency. Refer to the index A-Z index of U.S. government departments and agencies located here: 

Research the administrative agency and describe it for the class. Include the following in your post:
•What is the agency’s structure?
•What management functions exist and who performs them? 
•Are there any outside influences and, if so, what are they?
•What ethical implications arise with respect to this agency and the business world?
•What effect does this agency have on the business world?

Include the website for the specific agency in your post. Cite additional outside research as necessary to support your position and comment on the research cited by your colleagues. Do not repeat agencies already discussed.**

**In theory, two students could log on to class at the same time and begin researching the same agency, then post their researched agency not realizing another student researched the same issue. Should you find yourself in this unlikely scenario, please still post the agency you researched and e-mail the instructor.**