Addressing Stormwater run-off problems through stormwater management at a local level

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In urban and suburban areas across the United States, stormwater runoff is a primary stressor on surface waters. Conventional urban stormwater drainage systems often route runoff directly to streams and rivers with adverse results. Property owners often experience sewer backups and flooded basements. Research paper should include:
1.The cause(s) of the problem and the potential impacts on public health and the environment as well as the economic and social impacts.
2.The technologies and best management practices employed to minimize these impacts, and regulatory tools to deal with the problem.
3.In your opinion, what are some of the impediments to sustainable urban stormwater management? What other approaches would you recommend to address these problems?
4.With rapidly deteriorating infrastructure, the growing capital and maintenance costs and limited funding, what approach would you recommend for paying for these programs?