Addressing end-of-life PROTOCOL

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Worksheet #3

Ethical Issues: Decision-Making and Advocacy


This work sheet needs to be completed using APA formats as a short scholarly paper:

Approximately 3-4 pages with a title page, texts, references, and Appendix A. The purposes are for students to describe ethical issues common to their clinical practice, apply ethical principles resolving the issues, evaluate outcomes of advocacy role, and identify resources available in clinical agencies.


Write a paragraph introduction, use questions 1-4 as sub-headings and end with a conclusion (i.e., nursing implication). Question 5 will serve as Appendix A. Be sure to follow APA formats and use at least four current citations that are applicable to the assignment. You may use the syllabus and online sources provided in NURS4301.


This paper will be used as an evidence of scholarly endeavor in our nursing capstone course for the WASC Accreditation process.


The total point you can earn is 20 (15 for content and 5 for APA format). Points for the paper are indicated below.


  1. Describe an ethical issue common to your area of practice (e.g., abortion, euthanasia, end-of-life protocols). Give an example from your preceptor ship or ask your preceptor (3 points).



  1. Discuss primary ethical principle(s) used to resolve the issue in your example (See the attached page) (3 points).



  1. Describe the advocacy role of the nurse in your example (How did you or your preceptor advocate for the patient/family?) What traits and/or states did you and your preceptor exhibit? (See Conceptual Model of Advocacy) (3 points).



  1. Evaluate the outcome of advocacy for both nurse and patient/family (Would you change anything? Why or why not?) What environmental variables affected the outcome? (See Conceptual Model of Advocacy) (3 points)



  1. What resources for ethical decision-making are available to the nurse in your agency? ( e.g.,  Bioethics Committee, Hospice counseling) What disciplines are represented on the Bioethics Committee? Be specific and include all members. Where did you find information about these resources? Who did you ask about them and what did s/he say? (Ask your preceptor and/or charge nurse.) (3 points)



  1. Writing style, APA format and grammar (5 points).