Activision Blizzard

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Combine the history and products and services of the Co. Tell the story of its evolution thru its product offerings This is on Actvision and Blizzard

Write the cover note of Memo #2 after you complete writing the main research part. Have the cover note of
Memo #2 be simply informational. A short 1-2 paragraph would be fine for the cover note. State what your
report is about, what are some features and perhaps benefit(s) of your research, and possibly next steps or a
very brief discussion of your topic(s) significance. You may also briefly allude to other reports that will be
submitted if you like.
Memo #2 will comprise your research contribution to the company research project. Consequently, pagelength
will vary on the number of topics you work on. A proficient research report will include more than 3
current information sources, of which at least 2 are peer-reviewed journal articles or scholarly books.
Sources may include both general background sources as well as specialized sources. Special-interest
sources and popular literature are acknowledged as such if they are cited. All web sites utilized are
authoritative. A consistent citation style is used in both text and bibliography.
Use 12-point Times Roman font. Most of the assignments are persuasive messages, meaning they must also
inform and present evidence. Present your purpose upfront. Write an informative subject line that captures
the essence of your message. However, the subject line cannot be wordy or a long sentence.
Remember to have the appropriate memo heading format and to conclude your memorandum by using a
feedback protocol.