Acculturation Theory and ESL Pedagogy

Order Instructions/Description

I need a Master’s Literature review on how Acculturation Theory has informed TESOL education in the United States. Specifically, how does acculturation and pedagogy for ELL students interact in the United States – I can focus on a specific state (like Arizona or Texas) which has a large proportion or the United States in general – providing an overall view of acculturation/multicultural education for ELL students.

I only want to concentrate my findings on how acculturation affects English Language Learners – not all minority learners. Thank you!

I will upload the full document for the rubric in order to go over with you the specifics. I do not want any internet sources. All sources should be peer reviewed articles from journals or from education books. I would like to have John Berry’s and John Schumann’s work on acculturation theory inform the backbone of the background information. I can also specify what journals would work best for this assignment if necessary (example: TESOL Quarterly; TESOL Journal).