Accounting for non-profit organization

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The last assignment is a student selected project that relates to the financial management of a nonprofit organization. The expectation is for a substantive project involving planning, research, analysis, and conclusions. The final paper will be 6-10 pages in APA format. You may choose one of these four different topics for your Case Study:

  • An assessment of the financial condition of your pre-selected nonprofit organization. The assessment should include both quantative financial analysis and a summary of financial management practices.
  • Develop a report format for the board of directors of a nonprofit organization, including a narrative report summarizing the financial information and key items for the board’s review and consideration. The paper should include an explanation of the process used to develop the report.
  • Interview the Executive Director and/or Chief Financial office of a nonprofit about financial management challenges, strategies, plans and emerging issues. Please include reference to materials or readings from class that relate to the organization’s financial situation or practices.
  • Create a financial policy for a nonprofit, including authority, responsibilities, internal controls, accountability, and other major isues. The paper should include some background on the organization and the process of developing the policy.