Order Instructions/Description

Working as small peer-learning groups, during the timetabled workshops, complete three Excel spreadsheet tasks (balance sheets/budgeting, ratios/metrics and absorption costing/activity based costing) given to you for the workshops.

As an individual, produce a 1000 word (+/- 10%) written piece to compare and contrast the two approaches to costing (1 paragraph) and the potential impact on profits (1 paragraph). This will include a brief justification of the data sources used (from where they would be generated and what they relate to – 1 paragraph); a brief description of the method(s) and tool(s) used for analysis (a simple table of the Excel formulas/relationships used) and your interpretation of the data in the wider economic context (what impact macro-economic factors may have on the costs of direct materials, direct labour etc. and consequent business decisions – 1 paragraph).