Assignment Requirements

Summarizing Financial Information
Effective communication by financial professionals requires skills similar to communication in other areas and industries. Consider how successfully writing a summary might be an important skill to master as a financial professional. Also, consider how you might go about developing and refining this skill, as well as the resources you might use to check your writing for proper spelling, grammar, and other elements of effective communication.
For this Assignment, you will write a summary of Item 7 of a publicly traded company’s most recent SEC 10-K. The company that you select must be having financial problems or nearing bankruptcy.
You will use the SEC 10-K filings of this company, as well as other public information, for this Assignment and for Assignments throughout the course. Because of the time you will spend reviewing the finances of this one company, you might want to pick a company you find interesting or that is in an industry you are familiar with. You also want to select a company whose information is readily available and accessible. Feel free to reach out to your Instructor for assistance if you have difficulty identifying a company for this Assignment.
To prepare:
Identify a major company that is publicly traded and that is having financial problems or nearing bankruptcy.
Access the company’s SEC 10-K by going to the Yahoo Finance website, provided in this week’s Learning Resources.
Using the search bar on the website, search the name of the company.
Click a link titled “SEC Filings” located on the blue navigation menu.
Scroll down until you find the company’s 10-K and click on the link titled “Full Filing at Edgar Online.”
Scroll down to the link titled “Item 7 Management’s Discussion and Analysis.”
Explore the various sections of Item 7.
Use the Grammarly website, located in this week’s Resources area, to check drafts of your Assignment.
Then, by Day 7, submit a 1-page summary of Item 7 for the company you selected. Review the Grammarly website. Use the Grammarly resources to perform a check of your writing for this Assignment and make the necessary changes to your paper.


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