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Paper details:    University of Alabama at Birmingham MAC Program
In 500 to 1000 words, please discuss the factors that have influenced your education and career decisions to date. please describe your professional development to date, and your goals for the future. how will the MAC influence your ability to achieve your goals?

Writing is not something I’m not great at. I know what i would like to say but i don’t know how to say it professionally. I have attached my resume for you to view my professional experiences. My goals for the future is to to become a successful CPA. Ive always loved numbers and helping others and been interested in educating our youth and college students on how to manage their finances and properly invest ( teach them to pay their bills, invest in stocks,CDs, avoid debt, the benefits of being frugal) but in order to be able to do that i have to become an expert in finance. i chose to attend UAB because they have the top first time passing percentage for the CPA exam in Alabama