According to Rawls, how and when in the 19th century did this image reversal of the missions happen?

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James Rawls, a prominent historian of California’s past, can be seen above, at a Spanish mission. More important, he can be heard HERE, lecturing on the Spanish Missions.
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By 1800 several visitors to the Missions — French and English visitors for the most part influenced by the “Black Legend” — criticized these outposts of colonization and cast the Spanish as tyrants who abused the native peoples and enslaved them.
By 1870 and beyond, however — even to the present — the Spanish Mission period was re-purposed as a Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity.Founded in 1984, the California Mission Studies Association is a nonprofit
public benefit corporation formed with the following educational purposes:
To preserve, advance and promote the Hispanic period
historic resources in the State of California
To advance and promote development of archaeological,
historical, museum and archival resources
To promote, conduct and coordinate research projects
resulting in the preservation and restoration of period landmarks
To encourage and support educational opportunities for interested students of the Hispanic period and for persons of the public community regardless of color, race, creed, sex or age.
Click HERE to Access this valuable resource.
For this Discussion topic, please answer the following questions:
1)-According to Rawls, how and when in the 19th century did this image reversal of the missions happen?
2)-Why did it occur? Be specific and use, as always, historical names and dates to substantiate your claims.
3)-How can an institution — in this case the Missions — be both a bastion of civilization and an engine of oppression and slavery? Or were they either?
4)-What more recent re-purposing (or re-interpretation) of history is similar to the one that Rawls describes? List at least one example and discuss it so others see the connection you are making.
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