Academic Honesty

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For this assignment I will require a 5-7 page paper on “academic honesty” written is APA style with at least 3 peer reviewed sources.
Sample Paper
Academic honesty
Academic honesty, which also refers to as academic integrity, means responsibility and honesty in scholarship. The faculties, as well as students are both required to obey statutes of honest scholarship. This plainly means that all the academic results and work should come from the effort of an individual. The intellectual involvements from others ought to be acknowledged responsibly and consistently and academic work that is completed in other ways is considered as fraudulent. Academic honesty is the most basic principle as well as an essential foundation for all institutions of learning. This happens specifically in the institutions that are dedicated to education that is based on independent projects. The integrity of each individual is very important in academic environment since education entails the exploration and knowledge acquisition and understanding.
Students need to be evaluated on their level of their understanding and knowledge, as this is a crucial process in the teaching process. There are various means of maintaining academic honesty, and ways in which these ways are violated, leading to academic misconduct. Academic honesty is the root principle of any academic institution that strives towards excellence. It starts from the faculty and flows down to the students…..ORDER NOW….
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