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AA meeting three pages
Required to attend an AA meeting of Alcohol Anonymous. I chose a rehabilitation program located inside of a prison. I would like it to revolve around Inmates who are incarcerated because of their addictions. With this particular program, it is not just for alcohol it is also for drugs. If you have any questions regarding my specifics, please ask. This paper is due tomorrow July 12, 2016, at 1 pm. Date of the visit will be June 27th, 2016
Time of visit is 0600 am, a location of the Group is Georgia Department of Corrections. This is an AA meeting that addresses more than alcohol; the atmosphere is positive vibes from everyone Details of needed info is below:
1. Date of Visit
2. Time of Visit
3. Locations of group
4. Type of group you attended
5. Atmosphere of the room/group
Choose one of the following:
a.The big book, the primary text for Alcoholics Anonymous, Chapter 5; How it works. Available by visiting:
b.Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text, 6th edition, Chapters 1-3 available by visiting: www.na.org
c.Briefly, summarize and explain the key points in Chapter 5 of the Big book or chapters 1-3 of the NA basic text (2 pages) and describe your reactions to the meeting (1 page)
Lastly * have five key points in this paper and explain the following:
A. How I felt being at the meeting
B. How did the meeting begin
C. What I learned about addiction
D. What I learned about myself
E. What was good about the meeting
F. What was wrong with the meeting
G. How did the meeting end
If there are any questions, please ask. You can Google Georgia Department of Corrections RSAT Program or Coastal State Prison RSAT program to gather information about their mission and process.
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