A review of the effect of fuel injection strategies on the performance and emissions in HCCI engine

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  • I want to write review paper about this title and my area or keywords are: fuel injection strategies- performance- emissions- HCCI engine.
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  • I want to include the following research topics:
  • Introduction
  • Challenges of HCCI combustion
    Combustion phase control
    Abnormal pressure rise with noise
  • HCCI combustion control strategies
    Injection timing
    Single/Split (multiple) injections
    Early direct injection
    Late direct injection.
  • Effect of injection strategies on performance
    Power output and thermal efficiency
    Duration of combustion
    In cylinder pressure
    Heat release
    Brake mean effective pressure
    Specific energy consumption
  • Effect of injection strategies on emissions
    Unburned hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide
    NOx emission
    Particulate matter (PM) and smoke
  • Conclusion (I want a scientific conclusion of the best way injection used in this engine and comparing all kinds of ways to increase the performance of the engine) “In the form of multiple points”
  • References (consist 75 references )

  • I want to use IEEE style as same format style that used in journal “Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews” , because I will publish in this journal
    ..Also support by charts, curves and figures ..