A Journal of Essays on Poems and Short Stories foundin the Norton Anthology of Short Fiction and Woody Allen's The Insanity Defense

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Lesson 2 1) Lets look at some examples of SATIRE.Read through “the Spring Buletin”. Write one paragraph in which you discuss your two favorite entries and then in a second paragraph, discuss two entries that you think are not as comically successful. Explain your reasoning for you judgements. 2) Count Dracula from the insanity defense and write a paragraph in which you discuss how Allen has managed to rob Dracula of the note of high seriousness.Quote at least two examples from that piece to illustrate your point.Then write a second paragraph in which react to this historical account of the invention of the sandwich. 3) To begin, read the intro, pages 19, and then read “A teachers note” p293. Did you learn anything about poetry that was new to you? 4) Read Raymond Carver’s story “the cathedral”. Write a 1 page about it. Answer these three questions: a) The narrator seems to be very hostile about the idea of the blind man visiting.Why? b) what sort of change does the narrator experience at the end of the story? c) The item the narrator drawls is a cathedral. How might the mood or tone of the story be different if he were to asked to draw an airplane hanger, or a shopping mall? 5) Read Ann Beattie’s story “Snow”. This story seems almost to be a memory, or a simple essay, and yet when you reas it, you will see there is an affect a pattern. Beattie appaers to be describing a three phases of a love relationship. What are the three phases of of it? Tim O’Brien’s “The They Carried” 1) List 5 times he mentions death and comment briefly on how they are different in the way they are described. 2) The soldiers in Vietnam in this story are described in terms of what they carried. Select another group of people, perhaps fellow students at a university, or campers, or even shoppers in a mall, and describe them in terms of what they are wearing.Do this for three different people and in each case make a list containing at least 4 items 3) In order to end the story, to give it sense of finality and closure, O Brien must find some kind of action or event that will bring things to a close. How does he do this? 4) Do you feel Lt.Jimmy Cross takes more responsibility for Lavender’s death than is appropriate? Some readers feel that Cross wants Lavender’s death to be rationally explainable and so he blames himself. Do you agree? Read 3 short stories from the Norton Anthology of short stories 7th edition. Philip Roth’s the conversion of the Jews (p.682-692), Tilie Olsen ‘s O Yes (pg.648-660) , and James Allen McPherson’s Why I like Country music (p.517-528).
Rank these stories in order of preference (A, B, and C).
Write a one page paper on each reacting to the way the story is constructed. Explain your reasoning for these rankings. Be sure to indicate the title and author and page # of the stories you have selected. Read the “The Whore of Menza” and “Mr.Big” from the Insanity Defense by Woody Allen. Explain in a typed page what is being satirized in each piece. Choose a few specific examples to prove your point. Write a one page reaction to Isaac Bashavis Singer’s “Gimpel the Fool”. Also,write a one page poem in this same style. Read Bobbie Ann Mason’s Story “Shiloh” on page 500. Answer the following question in a one page response. 1) Who is the central character of the story and what is the basis for saying this? 2) What aspects of Leroy’s life does Mason use to illustrate how he is out of touch with his wife’s current interests? 3) Read over the last two paragraphs.Some students think that the wife is committing suicide.Most readers do not think this. What is your view? Explain. One page response. Woody Allen’s Insanity Defense. Rank the following stories (A, B, and C) in order of preference and explain your judgements: A) Match Wits with Inspector Ford B)Fabulous Tales and Mythical Beasts C)But Soft…Real Soft Read Wallace Stevens and Edgar Allen Poe from the Norton Anthology of short fiction 7th edition. Write a 2 page paper comparing both authors. Make Poe the favorite in the comparison. Quote specifically from their poems to support your views.
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