A Historical Study of America for the period 1789-1849: The impact of Political Ideologies to the American Society

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Sample Paper
This paper focuses on the political agendas laid by various governments and how they affected the American society’s change/transformation. The paper lays emphasis on the social change that is generated from the authority at the helm. It will therefore try to analyze various governments from 1789 to 1849 with their agendas and how they affected the society. George Washington was elected to power in 1789. The American Revolutionary War made him a hero with him commanding the Continental Army. He was also the president of the Constitutional Convention. Washington’s reign carried a lot of republicanism which sought to enhance liberty and rights for all. Republicanism was a resultant of The American Revolutionary War. Republicanism was a political and social revolution that sought to civilize the American society. Its core values included uplifting the people’s sovereignty, promoted democracy by the rejection of inherited political power and supported the government in the promotion of the common good. Besides that, citizens were expected to play their civic roles independently and it also condemns corruption. Republicanism led to the declaration of independence in 1776 and the constitution of 1787. In 1791, The Bill of Rights was passed as the first amendments to the constitution…ORDER NOW
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