A Comparison of Nintendo Wii with Play station 3 and Xbox 360 with respect to Product Cycle

The X box 360 and Play station 3 have showed competition with Nintendo Wii (Xbox 360 Live, 2012). It is imperative to mention that, all these companies have managed to get to the growth stage of a product lifecycle. However, Nintendo Wii has shown exemplary performance. For instance, the products are fitted with certain distinct features to obtain competitive advantage. Moreover, each of these products has undergone repackaging through rebranding, product differentiation and managing product lifecycle accordingly. For instance, the Xbox 360 coming to the markets in 2005, with distinct features such as media centre with multimedia functions, ease in online competition, game demos, trailers among others. On the other hand, we have play station 3, a revised version of play station 2 (Play station-Network, 2012). The console also has managed command its place in the markets by showing competitive advantage exhibited in certain distinct features such as flash card readers, HDMI ports and Ethernet ports. Noteworthy, the console has also managed to split into 20GB and 60 GB to meet the challenges of a diverse market in an age where clients are suppressed by the current economic global recession.