A Beautiful Mind (2002) Featuring: Russell Crowe Studio: Universal Studio

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What type of emotional disturbance does John Nash, the main character in the film, experience?
2. Describe how people treat him once they are alerted to his disorder.
3. The typical symptoms of an individual with schizophrenia include trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy, problems communicating with others, and difficulty maintaining relationships. This film is based upon a true story. However, do you believe the portrayals of the character and his relationships are realistic?
4. Do you think John should have been treated differently both medically and emotionally? Please explain and include information on how this could have changed his life.
5. This film contains several scenes depicting treatments that the main character receives in the hospital. Why do you think the filmmakers chose to show these scenes in this manner?
6. Do you think that insulin shock therapy is an appropriate treatment for people with schizophrenia? Explain your answer.
7. What types of supports does John Nash need to lead a successful, normal lifestyle?