Starbucks Company

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Database system ( Purchasing).
1-The phases of the system.
2- Analysis of the system:
– Who is going to need this system in the company?
– What kind of tables are likely to be needed?
– What kind of data you will be storing in that system?
– What kind of outputs the system is likely to produce?

3- Design phase: Designing the database for the organization using E-R diagram. 

4- Providing table design and relationships between these tables. 

5- Providing data dictionaries for these tables with explanation of how relationships were created. 

To more explantion: 

1-Create a title for each one of them and explain how you are going to apply it on the project.

2.Create another title for the design phase.

3.Under the design phase define at least 3 tables that you will use in the diagram

4.Draw an ER-Diagram to show the tables and their attributes, underline primary keys and put dotted lines under foreign keys, draw relationships, show maximum and minimum cardinalities on relationships, and add verbs on the relationships.

5.Verbally define the Maximum and minimum cardinalities of each relationship, and explain them.

6.Draw a data dictionary table for each table in the ER-Diagram

No plagiarism and similarity please!