Law and Ethics in Nursing

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


I would like you to write this essay if that suits you. please discuss the moral and ethical principles, nursing and midwifery competencies and standards and codes and legals issues and health charter of Australia for each of the three persons in the case study. Please set it out like this. Introduction, summarise  the facts, but please do not waste words repeating the facts of the case study in detail. Outline what you are going to use as references in the introduction and how you intend to set out the essay, must outline the essay content. for the body of the paper set out into sections in line with the three people in the case study and discuss each in turn. Each issue for each individual person needs to be referenced to the three ethical schools of thinking being Deontology, teleology and virtue ethics. The five ethical principles being veracity, autonomous, beneficence, non maleficence and justice. Also relate to the Australian charter of healthcare rights being safety, access, communication, respect, participation, comment and privacy. Also in relation to the two codes of conduct. The conclusion needs to relate and tie in the three people and summarise the key points of the essay. No new information added in the conclusion. Also include a word count and with the references they need to be credible references and dated between 2009-2015. Please remember this essay needs to be about the Australian laws and ethics etc not American. Please see the attached case study that the essay is based on its the same as the last one you did.