What the New Testament Letters Say About the Role of Women in the Church

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


1. Subject of Paper: What the NT Letters Say About the Role of Women in the Church?
2. The term paper must be an eight-to-ten page (body) paper.
3. Include section headings and a Bibliography in addition to the body. Use at least ten sources other than the Bible and the class texts. You can use the Bible (of course) and class texts, but they do not count in your ten required sources.
4. This paper must be an analysis of a critical problem in NT studies. Do not simply do an exegesis, although proper exegesis will be an integral part of the paper. Give an analysis of both sides of the issue at hand, using a good balance of sources. It should be a point-counter point type of paper. Use critical thinking, and let your paper reflect where you stand on the issue. Carefully articulate, and do not vacillate! I believe that women have a distinct and significant role (particularly as ministers) in the church. We are equally as important/valuable to the Kingdom of God