Order Instructions/Description

First of all, you have to create a odoo account. Company name should be MehmetAlp. Please follow these;

  • Important data that needs to be provided through your ERP system ( odoo ) to show your team understands the value of using an ERP system in a small to medium size business.

Total Inventory
Total Revenue
Year over Year growth
Client Data Names, address, email (whatever you want to write there)
Empoyee Names, address, email and salary (whatever you want to write there)

  • Project Description:
    The team project requires hands-on practice and work that utilize an Enterprise Resource Planning application software to plan and allocate resources based on information provided. Each student team will make a brief presentation to the class to discuss key issues and results before the end of the term. Student teams must submit a written deliverable that present a recommendation, supporting data and documentation (including method of analysis) based on one or more key supply planning issues (that are required). An integrated written report by each team will also be submitted to the instructor and graded at the end of the term.

The overall grade for the project is based on two scores. The first score is based on the correctness and appropriateness of the data, analysis and plan/s (MBA-2M). The second score is based on the proficiency of the utilization of the ERP software and associated functions (MBA-1M, MBA-MIST).