Order Instructions/Description

Please write out a dialogue (point form NOT permitted) between Plato, Kazepides, Senyshyn, Egan, Gelsomina, Escalante AND Zorba (i. e., the Gelsomina from our most recent film – La Strada and Zorba from the film – Zorba the Greek and Escalante from the film – Stand and Deliver). These seven characters will engage in the kind of dialogue format you engaged in your group assignments for our film studies. Your characters will be discussing what they value in a curriculum.

But in this dialogue each of the seven (7) characters in your answer must speak at least eight (8) different times. The exact question
for their dialogue with each other will be:

What are the most important expectations from your informed perspective that should be part of a curriculum for students in either primary, secondary or post-secondary education. In your title for your dialogue please indicate which one (1) of these three levels: i.e. primary, secondary or post-secondary education is your choice for your answer. Your characters can speak in any order that you want them to as long as they speak on at least eight (8) different occasions.

You will not need to provide page references or any references whatsoever except to indicate in brackets at the beginning of the dialogue who is actually speaking; i.e., Plato, Kazepides, Senyshyn, Egan, Gelsomina, Escalante and Zorba. What each character says must be in YOUR OWN words. BUT these words must be an ACCURATE indication or reflection of their ideas on what are the most important expectations from your perspective in a curriculum as presented in your readings and the three films we viewed: “Stand and Deliver”, “Zorba the Greek” and “La Strada”.

Do not need reference, all the articles and documents will be provide.

Please write in dialogue form and please write in simple English.