Austarlian indigenous disadvantage

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“Indigenous students complete secondary education at about half the rate of non-indigenous students, yet are twice as likely to participate in Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Schools subjects” (Helme, 2005, p. 169).
Helme (2005) identifies that despite acknowledgement that education can empower Indigenous people, Indigenous students continue to be significantly disadvantaged in terms of both participation and achievement in education. VET is commonly seen as being instrumental in providing opportunities for Indigneous Australians; however, Helme (2005) warns us that we need to be wary that an overreliance on VET does not create a ‘corrugated iron ceiling’, we need to ensure Indigenous Australians are afforded opportunities to continue to higher education.
Explain the factors that contribute to Indigenous disadvantage, and current levels of poor educational participation and achievment; then discuss the idea that VET provides opportunities for Indigenous Australians, however, VET as the only solution creates the potential for a ‘corrugated iron ceiling’.