Case study analysis

Order Instructions/Description

Students are required to perform an in-depth analysis of either an Australian or International Fashion Brand that has expanded into global markets.
The final  Case Study  presented must include relevant analysis, research and discussion on the company s success or lack of success as it opens and expands into overseas markets.

Key areas that need to be addressed in the Individual Case Study include:
? Brief history and origin of the company/brand
? Identification of it s core Target Market(s) and market segments
? Overview of its current perceptual positioning (against its major competitors)
? Current Global Environmental factors influencing its business (Macro forces)
? Core locations for Manufacturing and production
? Global sourcing strategy
? Global marketing strategy (Pricing, Promotion, Place and Product)
? Identify its  Core Competitive Advantage
? Reasons for its success or lack of success in current world markets

1. Format: Formal business report including cover page, table of contents, sections and
2. Research: This is a research report and as such students are expected to find and include research from 5   10 good quality academic research articles to support their case study. Research must be cited and listed in standard Harvard Referencing Format.
3. Safe Assign: All students MUST submit both a printed hard copy of their assignment, as well as upload an electronic copy to Safe Assign BY the due date. Failure to do so will result in late penalties being applied.
4. Exec Summary: No need to include an Executive Summary in this report
5. The Fashion Brand: selected for the case study can be a clothing, accessories or shoe
a. It can any brand or company that has expanded internationally (e.g. from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, US or Asia etc)