“Renewable energy will be THE most significant challenge for the oil industry.”

Order Instructions/Description

A reserch paper as per the following:

Research topic:
“Renewable energy will be THE most significant challenge for the oil industry.” Explain, by citing three reasons, whether you agree or disagree with this statement.

•    Provide a brief but relevant context / introduction about the subject matter;
•    State your position CLEARLY with regard to the given statement. You must ensure that your position throughout the paper is CONSISTENT.
•    Illustrate your reasons with relevant examples, statistics and/or quotations, to make your perspective as convincing as possible.
•    Demonstrate that you are aware of different perspectives on this subject matter; but yet are able to respond to your detractors and defend your point of view.

1.    Use double-spaced and Times New Roman sized-12 font should be at least 1,500 words (5 pages) in length (this excludes the bibliography and table of contents) and must be a well-polished piece of work that reflects a high standard of competency in the English language.

2.    Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated, Plagiarized papers (whole or in part) will automatically receive a failing grade and the assignment must be submitted electronically via SafeAssign.

3.    Proper and consistent in-text citation according to the APA style (or MLA style) must be provided for sentences, facts or ideas borrowed from external sources. All bibliography used during research must also be listed accordingly. Papers with improper citations will be penalized.

4.    Research for this assignment must demonstrate that you have used, understood and included a wide variety of sources including academic articles available through the Library’s electronic online database (Lexis-Nexis, ProQuest, JSTOR etc), magazine/newspaper articles, books or encyclopedias. Blogs, yahooanswers, wikipedia etc are NOT academic sources. You must use AT LEAST ten different sources.

Note: Please check the uploaded file to review the grading Rubric.