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As you are nearing the completion of your program, many of you will have been employed in various roles, from assistants in nursing, carers or enrolled nurses, to working in the hospitality/retail sector. Some of you may not have been employed at all. Many of you will know by now whether or not you are employed next year as a graduate nurse.


The question is:


What challenges do you see with this transition role change and what strategies will you engage in to deal with these changes?


This question gives you an opportunity to reflect about yourself, where you have come from your degree. They also consider where you might be going to, and what you will take there, wherever this may be.



400 words (please keep the word limit)


4 references ( please put 2-3intext-references at least in each paragraph


Please use free online resources


Please use Australian sources if possible


Please follow the uploaded reference guide


Please upload soft copies of the references with highlighting the information that you used


Please write in first person




Use plain fonts such as arial or calibri

Use font size no less than 11

Use 1.5 line spacing

Set margins at 2.5cm

Number the pages


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