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Assignment 2: Professional philosophy
Articulate a professional philosophy for an early childhood centre based on key concepts explored in the
unit that demonstrates your commitment to equity, social justice and respect for diverse human
experiences. Your philosophy must have clear and direct links to supporting evidence from current
research, and contemporary theory evident in the academic literature and current policy and curriculum
documents (e.g. EYLF and NQS). You need to include:
1. An overarching statement – in 250 words students need to provide an abstract of their professional
philosophy which covers each of the below points in no more than 2 sentences. Students may, if they
wish, use images to support their statement.
2. Critical analysis and reflective discussion of the philosophy in practice with specific reference to
Attitudes and beliefs about children and childhood;
Attitudes and beliefs about families and communities;
Attitudes and beliefs about diversity and difference;
Approaches to learning and teaching;
Approaches to assessment and documentation;
Approaches to advocacy for children.

This assignment is designed to facilitate analysis and reflection of
contemporary approaches in early learning in the context of the
development of a professional philosophy of learning and teaching.


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