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Read “4 Women’s Issues That Haven’t Changed Since 1911” by Julie Zeilinger, published in the Huntington Post on July 17, 2013. (1 page).

Next Skim/Read “The Confidence Gap” by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, published by The Atlantic, April 14, 2014. 19 pages without blog postings.

While Social Justice is more inclusive in terms of the problems and concerns of people in general, this unit on women’s issues is concerned with identifying some issues that specifically impact women and, then as a result, their families.

In the article “4 Women’s Issues That Haven’t Changed Since 1911,” there are issues still relevant today that were identified by writer and activist Emma Goldman over 100 years ago. Select one of these issues and research it for current event articles, papers or news reports supporting the claim that it is still an “issue” today. While you may reference required or supplemental readings or films, please make sure there is at least one outside resource utilized in your posting.

(A) Briefly describe what you have learned from the “4 Women’s Issues” article and your research (remember to provide citations – you may even want to upload a copy of what you found).

(B) How do you think this issue has impacted you and/or your family?

(C) Do you believe that there are signs of improvement concerning this issue for women? Please be sure to support your answer.

(D) You were asked to skim read “The Confidence Gap.” Do you believe that women’s confidence gap has impacted the issue you selected? Explain why or why not based on a concept discussed in this article (be sure to include page reference).


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