5th week. Wired Communications Media

Week 5 Assignment: Build a substance-based PowerPoint presentation (with audio support using Kaltura, PodOmatic or other available audio/video software), of at least 6 slides with an introduction, body and summary slides on a the concepts listed below
from Week 5 Readings.
Rubric for PowerPoint Presentation Points
Introduction 5
Section 6.1 – From the Analog to the Digital Age
This section discusses how digital and analog data differ, and what a modem does. 10
Section 6.2 – Networks
This section discusses the benefits of networks and the types of networks, their components, and variations. 15
Section 6.3 – Wired Communications Media
This section discusses the types of wired communications media.
Section 6.4 – Wireless Communications Media
This section considers the types of wireless communications media, both long distance and short distance.
Section 6.5 – Cyberthreats, Hackers, & Safeguards
This section describes areas of concern for keeping a computer system safe. 15
Summary 5
Overall Quality of Presentation with audio support using Audacity, Kaltura, PodOmatic or other available audio/video software
(included images, video, audio and content hyperlinks where needed to extend presentation).