Order Instructions/Description


Section One
10 points

Directions: Using the terminology in Appendix A in Paralegal Career for Dummies, prepare a list of at least ten possible ways litigation may end (e.g., Dismissal With Prejudice, settlement, etc.) and indicate whether it is most likely to occur in the pre-trial phase, the trial phase, or post-trial phase of litigation.

Section Two
20 points

Directions: Using your knowledge of F.R.C.P., please provide the following information and list the appropriate federal rule:

  1. Explain how a civil action is commenced.

  2. Where may process be served under the federal rules?

  3. When and how may a defendant bring in a third party under the federal rules?

  4. In computing time under the federal rules, how many days may be added for documents served by mail?

  5. Please specify the proper requirements for the contents of a subpoena under the federal rules.

Section Three
20 points

Directions: Using F.R.C.P. as your guide, please explain the different requirements for serving a summons, subpoena, or complaint as opposed to serving pleadings and other documents such as motions. Please cite the appropriate rule provisions.