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You may choose 4 theoretical areas from this list to present in your summary sheets:
1. Freudian psychoanalytic theory of personality
2. Post Freudian: Erikson and Jung
3. Post-Freudian: Adler and Horney
4. Biological theory of personality: Eysenck and Gray, modern genetic studies
5. Behaviourist and social learning theory: from Pavlov to Bandura
6. Humanistic and phenomenological (needs) theory
7. Dispositional theory of personality: Allport
8. Social-cognitive theory: post Bandura and Gestalt influences
This is a very specific piece of work, please only use the template, slides and information I provide… please read through instructions i will attatch, this is crucial for it to be correct 🙂 thanks.

The focus should be on how each theoretical model explains:
? How human personality develops
? The reason for individual differences in behaviour (as an expression of personality)
In addition a model of the theory must be presented along with an evaluation of the theory in terms of research evidence and contemporary support.